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We take the following measures with the highest priority on the safety of customers and employees and the prevention of the spread of COVID19. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
We have made an environment where sufficient ventilation can be performed, and we have installed alcohol sterilization at each room, then we carry out frequent alcohol sterilization through regular patrols.



Short hairstreak musclestightsportsmenathletesathleticsathletics OBgataibulkGM

Cruising spot for muscle guys who are from 18s to 40s. And guys who have Short hair, shaved, tight, streak muscles, sportsmen, athletes, athletics, OB, gatai, bulk, GM are definitely welcome to feel free to come !! Using the gym only is OK !! Pump up and have fun at the cruising area !! (Free style * No completely naked)

Cruising + GYM

Cruising + GYM

HAAARD is a large-scale cruising spot which includes both cruising area and GYM area !! Gym !! Have sex !! Have sex after gym !! This is to kill two birds with one stone !

One of a kind, GYM of HARRRD

The 1st and 2nd floors are full of free weights and machines !! You can definitely use it freely !! Style is also free !! Taking off your shirt is even better !! Show off your huge muscles, train with your partner as you wish , take off and check the form ….. HAAARD could offer you a lot of chances which any other gyms can’t !!

Entrance regulation

  • it’s only available for guys from 18s to 40’s (40s is only accepted for short hair) * We have entrance regulations for guys who are too skinny or overweight.
  • Depending on the content of the event, staff still possibly reject entering according to the age and outward appearance.
  • Since the conditions for entering the store are completely decided by the staff on the day, even if you have been to the store before, you may not be able to enter the store next time.
  • ID check will be requested if confirming age is necessary. * you will not be able to enter the store if you can’t cooperate with it.