Short hairstreak musclestightsportsmenathletesathleticsathletics OBgataibulkGM

Cruising spot for muscle guys who are from 18s to 40s. And guys who have Short hair, shaved, tight, streak muscles, sportsmen, athletes, athletics, OB, gatai, bulk, GM are definitely welcome to feel free to come !! Using the gym only is OK !! Pump up and have fun at the cruising area !! (Free style * No completely naked)

Cruising + GYM

Cruising + GYM

HAAARD is a large-scale cruising spot which includes both cruising area and GYM area !! Gym !! Have sex !! Have sex after gym !! This is to kill two birds with one stone !

One of a kind, GYM of HARRRD

The 1st and 2nd floors are full of free weights and machines !! You can definitely use it freely !! Style is also free !! Taking off your shirt is even better !! Show off your huge muscles, train with your partner as you wish , take off and check the form ….. HAAARD could offer you a lot of chances which any other gyms can’t !!

Entrance regulation

  • it’s only available for guys from 18s to 40’s (40s is only accepted for short hair) * We have entrance regulations for guys who are too skinny or overweight.
  • Depending on the content of the event, staff still possibly reject entering according to the age and outward appearance.
  • Since the conditions for entering the store are completely decided by the staff on the day, even if you have been to the store before, you may not be able to enter the store next time.
  • ID check will be requested if confirming age is necessary. * you will not be able to enter the store if you can’t cooperate with it.


business hours

Mon-Fri 2:00PM~11:00PM ( GYM only is available from 9:00AM-2:00PM )
Sat-Sun 1:00PM~11:00PM ( GYM only is available from 9:00AM-1:00PM )


Regular charge 1,500 yen
Early-time discount Mon-Fri 2:00PM-5:00PM 1,200 yen
Early-time discount Sat-Sun 1:00PM-2:00PM 1,200 yen
GYM for customers who make effort for training 1,300 yen

Temporary Outing

10 minutes no charge
Till 6 hours * Regular fee will be charged if over 6 hours 200 yen


Ketsuware(Jockstrap) Free

For sale

Toothbrush 70 yen
LL size condom Free

Soft drink&Protein

Water 100 yen
Coffee 120 yen
Tea 160 yen
Coca-Cola 160 yen
Amino Vital 170 yen
Bulk Sports Big Whey (Strawberry) 290 yen
Bulk Sports Big Whey (Honey & Apple) 290 yen

In-store style

Underwear, towels, etc. (Sportswear is acceptable in the gym area) ( Sportswear is acceptable in the gym area )


Please observe the following rules we made for all the customers to make sure everyone can feel comfortable in our place. We do appreciate your cooperation. customers who cannot , we may refuse admission after that.

About age confirmation

  • Customers who are under 18 and high school students cannot enter.
  • Confirm age will be requested if it is necessary.

About entering

  • No shoes. Please take off your shoes at the entrance.
  • Personal trainers such as sales specialists and massagers to occupy private rooms and gym areas for business are prohibited.customers will be asked to leave who violated the required standard of conduct.

About entrance conditions of event

  • Some events may have age and appearance restrictions.
  • We may refuse even if it applies to your age and appearance.
  • The conditions for entering the store will be decided by the staff on the day, so even if you can enter the store once, you may not be able to enter the store next time.
  • Showing your ID will be requested if confirming age is necessary. * You may not be able to enter the store without your cooperation.

About the concept

  • We may refuse to enter the store for people who have a body shape that does not follow our concept.
  • Customers who wear female dress and have make-up such as nails cannot enter the store.

About illegal activities

  • Bringing in or using illegal drugs, illicit drugs, herbs, etc. is strictly prohibited.
  • Exposure or actions outside the private room are prohibited. Other acts that are publicly obscene are prohibited.
  • The in-store style is underwear. Nakedness is unacceptable.

About eating and drinking

  • Please don’t bring in food and drink.
  • Drinking and eating in the store is strictly prohibited.
  • Candies and gum are strictly prohibited in the store.

About annoying behaviors

  • Please refrain from loud conversations and mobile phone calls in the store.
  • Please lock in when you use the private room.
  • Customers with poor etiquette or who cause inconvenience to other customers might be asked to leave the store.
  • If malicious mischief is discovered, we will report it to the police.

About shooting / recording

  • Shooting and voyeurism in the store with mobile phones, digital cameras, etc. is completely prohibited. Customers who make an act of shooting or an act reminiscent of shooting will be asked to leave immediately.
    * Form check photography is permitted in the gym area, but please make sure nobody is around and the permission of staff is necessary.

About responsibility

  • Keeping the key to lockers is responsible for customers.
  • If the locker key or the lent stuff is lost, the equipment is damaged, the actual cost will be charged.
  • We are not responsible for theft or loss.

Floor guide


Smoking room Bathroom Shower Cruising area


Shower ×2 Bathroom Wash basin Cruising area Urinal


Locker Gym Bathroom


Reception Gym


Gym Area 1F

Bench press standPull-downFlyPower rackSmith machine

Gym Area 2F

Chest press, incline, shoulder press multi-machineLeg pressLeg extensionSeated leg curl2 adjust benchesAbdominal bench (abdominal muscle stand)Hyper EX(back muscle stand) Dumbbell 3-40kgCable machineCurl standRodeo machine